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365bet线上娱乐 has been a leader in Online education since 1999. What this means is that we have had time to refine our online courses and structure them in a user-friendly, 直观的方式. We use 黑板上 as our Learning Management System, this is where students will see their course information, 访问和提交作业, 以及检查他们的成绩. 沙利文的班级规模很小, so you don't have to worry about being one of dozens in a class being taught by the same teacher.

您的成功是我们关注的焦点! With these class sizes, students have more opportunities to ask questions, participate, and learn. We offer flexible course scheduling that enables students to take classes around their work schedules. 你在沙利文工作期间, there are numerous resources available to you that are committed to your success, 无论是专业还是个人. Your instructors, Academic Advisor, the Academic Resource Center, and our new 学生成功中心 are there to support you and help you succeed.